5DT Data Glove 14 Utra (Left)

5DT Data Glove 14 Utra (Left)

The 5DT Data Glove Ultra is designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of modern Motion Capture and Animation Professionals. It offers comfort, ease of use, a small form factor and multiple application drivers. The high data quality, low cross-correlation and high data rate make it ideal for realistic realtime animation.

Technical Specifications

Black Stretch Lycra
12-bit A/D (typical range 10 bits)
Fiber Optics Based
14 Sensors in total
2 Sensors per finger, one sensor for knuckle and one for first joint.
Abduction sensors between fingers.
Full-speed USB 1.1
RS-232 (via optional serial interface kit)
Via USB Interface
Minimum 75Hz


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