Geomagic Touch

Geomagic Touch

The Geomagic Touch (formerly the Sensable Omni) model delivers a full haptic experience in a cost-effective package. Constructed of durable metal and injection-molded plastics, Geomagic Touch offers six-degree-of-freedom positional sensing. Additionally, Geomagic Touch allows a high degree of flexibility with a portable design, compact footprint, removable stylus and two integrated buttons.

Technical Specifications

Portable design and compact footprint
Compact force feedback workspace
6-degree-of-freedom positional sensing
3-degree-of-freedom force feedback
RJ45 compliant on-board Ethernet Port or USB Port
Comfortable molded-rubber stylus with textured paint
Removable Stylus
Two integrated momentary stylus switches
Stylus-docking inkwell
Ergonomic design
Supports OpenHaptics toolkit with QuickHaptics micro API
Made of metal components and injection-molded plastics
CE certified


    Calle Almirante Cadarso 26,

    46005 Valencia




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