Dynamixyz Performer2

Dynamixyz Performer2

Performer2 Multi-View is the world’s first commercially-available software solution to run markerless facial capture on multi-camera streams, in-house, unlimited. 

Tailored for demanding productions, Performer2 Multi-View breaks new grounds for markerless facial motion capture with unprecedented 3D precision and organic-looking facial animations, that will definitely boost your productions quality. Dynamixyz Performer2 Multi-View makes the most of multiple camera angles, improving both robustness and precision thanks to an accurate 3D acquisition of the actor’s performance.


Technical insights

Two technologies are co-existing in the facial motion capture market: markerless and marker-based. Dynamixyz is one of the few players providing markerless solutions, although the system is also able to process marker tracking.

Marker-based motion capture makes sense for body tracking: a body is well-approximated as an articulated ensemble of rigid limbs, so a sparse set of well-located measurements -the markers- is sufficient. A face however, expresses meaning and emotions through the motion and deformation of facial skin, exhibiting complex, continuous patterns of appearance changes. It is thus best captured and analyzed through a dense analysis of the face geometry and texture, where every pixel acts as a measurement. That is the purpose of markerless technologies.

Real time
Whether in the context of live event or just-in-time virtual production (previz), real-time tracking and retargeting are highly-anticipated capabilities. With a dedicated pipeline taking advantage of training data, Dynamixyz proves to be part of the leading references.

Hardware requirements and recommendations
• All cameras must be gen locked, and have the same resolution.
• Supports up to 9 cameras (though optimized setups are 2, 3 or 4 cameras).
• Camera layout is free (supports vertical, horizontal, square layouts).
• Minimum distance between camera and face: 150mm, with a recommended distance between two cameras starting from 80mm.
• Performer2 Multi-View is compatible with any multi-camera head gear.
• Free-head mode available (regular static cameras) with the same above-mentioned requirements.