With 1,000's of installations worldwide, the IS-900 is the system of choice for precise position and orientation (6-DOF) tracking in military & industrial simulators, immersive displays, virtual prototyping and film/video production.


Based on InterSense's patented inertial-ultrasonic hybrid tracking technology, the IS-900 system is immune to metallic interference, while offering smooth, robust real-time tracking in demanding environments.


From CAVEs® to Powerwalls® to simulators, the IS-900 system is a proven solution providing accurate and smooth movements with low latency to enable realistic, intuitive interaction between the user and the application content.


For immersive displays the IS-900 system can be configured with a MicroTrax™ Head Tracker for use with passive or active stereo glasses, a MicroTrax Wand for interaction with virtual content, and a MicroTrax Hand Tracker for use with virtual and haptic gloves. Wireless options for this devices are available along with a Docking Station to provide a convenient and elegant solution for recharging the wireless MicroTrax devices.


With its scalable architecture and superior performance, the IS-900 system has become the industry standard in flight and weapons simulators. The inertial and ultrasonic components of the system are available in OEM configurations for seamless integration into weapons, helmet mounted displays, flight & vehicle simulators and air defense simulators. The performance and integration features of the IS-900 system provide a realistic user experience while preventing negative training.



Degrees of Freedom    6 (X,Y,Z, Yaw, Pitch, and Roll)
Angular Range    Full 360 – all axes
0.75 mm (1.5 mm Wireless)

0.05° (0.10° Wireless)
Static Accuracy*   
2.0 – 3.0 mm (3.0 – 5.0 mm Wireless MicroTrax)
0.25° RMS in Pitch & Roll, 0.50° RMS in Yaw (Wired)
0.50° RMS in Pitch & Roll, 1.00° RMS in Yaw (Wireless)
Update Rate     180 Hz Nominal (120 Hz Nominal Wireless)
Latency    4 ms typical
Software Support  
SDK w/ full InterSense API for:
    – Windows 7/Vista/XP
    – Linux
    – Mac OS X