OptiTrack Prime x 13

OptiTrack Prime x 13

The OptiTrack Prime x 13 provides high speed, precise tracking for medium-sized areas. The next generation of the most widely used camera in motion tracking history. With a small footprint and being lightweight, The Primex 13’s 2.7″ square signature, 12 ounce weight and invisible 850nm IR illumination are perfect for applications which require a discreet tracking system.

Technical Specifications:

Prime x 13 Dimensions
Width: 2.7 inches (6.86 cm)
Height: 2.7 inches (6.86 cm)
Depth: 2.1 inches (5.46 cm)
Weight: 0.7 pounds (0.32 kg)


Image Sensor
Resolution: 1280 × 1024
Native Frame Rate: 240 Hz
Latency: 4.2 ms
Shutter Type: global


Tracking Performance & Range

3D accuracy: +/- 0.20 mm

Active markers: 25 m (85')

Passive Markers: 16 m (55')


Global Shutter Speed

Default: 0.25 ms

Minimum: 0.01 ms

Maximum: 3.9 ms at 240 fps


Image Processing Types
Raw Grayscale
MJPEG Grayscale


LED Ring

10 LEDs

Ultra High Power

850 nm infrared

Strobe mode

Intensity control


GigE /PoE data port
Ethernet camera sync
PoE power


Lens & Filter

Adjustable focus
850 nm band-pass filter

800 nm (IR) / 70 nm (Visable) 

Filter Switcher

Stock lens:

5.5 mm F#1.8

Horizontal FOV: 56°

Vertical FOV: 46°

Optional lens:

8 mm F#1.8

Horizontal FOV: 42°

Vertical FOV: 34°


Camera Body

Sculpted from aluminium and polycarbonate

1/4"-20 tripod thread (x2)

2 digit numeric LEDs status indicators

Full-color LED health and activity indicator


Compatible Software

Camera SDK

NatNet SDK