Patriot Wireless

Patriot Wireless

PATRIOT™ WIRELESS is a totally wireless 6DOF tracking solution for expandable coverage area. If your application calls for full 6DOF wireless tracking, PATRIOT™ WIRELESS provides consistent, high-quality tracking while being completely untethered.

At an update rate of 50 Hz per marker, this system accommodates one to four tracked markers and either one or two receptors for expandable coverage area. An operating range of 24 linear feet can be achieved when using two receptors. PATRIOT™ WIRELESS provides both position and orientation data with no need for further calculations.



Move freely without tethers in your tracking environment
Because line-of-sight is not required with our technology, markers and receptors are embeddable
Two receptor channels available on the base product; upgrades available from one to four markers
Features Built For Multiple Applications or Users
Easy, intuitive user Interface, the standard GUI and SDK makes setting system parameters such as filtering, output formats, coordinate rotations, and more an easy task