Perception Neuron 2.0

Perception Neuron 2.0

Perception Neuron brings you an adaptive and affordable motion capture system by using one of the world’s smallest inertial measurement units (IMU). The system is designed as a tool for video game developers, film makers, visual effects professionals, biomechanics researchers, sports medical analysts and virtual reality enthusiasts.


The Perception Neuron 2.0 Motion Capture System is the upgraded system featuring the same versatile, portable and adaptable motion capture technology with new anti-slip straps, reinforced cables and a more secure sensor locking system.

Take your mocap to the next level - set your world in motion with Perception Neuron 2.0.

What's in the box:
32 Perception Neuron Sensors
1 Hub
2 Anti-MAG Neuron Container
1 Hub Power USB Cable
1 Hub Signal USB Cable
1 Full Body Strap
2 Set of wrist/hand/finger straps (one left and one right)
5 Dummy Neuron
2 Dummy Plug
1 Check List and Warranty Card
1 Universal Strap


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