The Captury Live

The Captury Live

Captury Live is a system for capturing human motion in real-time. It is a full system consisting of a PC, video cameras, network equipment and a calibration board.

Experience. Stream into various engines (Unity, Unreal) or integrate with your own application.
Immersion in virtual worlds can be increased if the user is able to see a representation of his/her full body. Accurate low latency motion tracking becomes even more important when multiple persons share the same virtual space because body language is an important means of communication. In addition, intuitive interactions with virtual objects like pointing, become possible when the full body is tracked.

Technical Specification

Track motion at up to 120fps
Record videos at up to 240fps
Up to 24 cameras
Up to 3 persons

Real-time streaming into:
* Unity
* Unreal
* Motion Builder
* your application – using our custom network protocol

Or use a standard protocol:

Extend Captury Live with your own plugins.

* Videos in the standard AVI format
* Motion as FBX, BVH, CSV