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Our Team

Target3D is a 3D technology consultancy with a specialist focus on Motion Capture, VR, 3D scanning and architectural visualisation. Target3D specialise in the integration of cutting-edge tracking technologies and are the UK sole distributors for OptiTrack, Noitom, Captury and DynamiXyz. 

Working across all industries, Target3D provide tracking solutions for virtual reality, training and simulation, movement sciences, serious gaming, animation & VFX and haptic feedback. 

The company began trading in June 2017, initially working out of a tech hub in Loughborough University at Here East, London and becoming an affiliate of DETC (The Digital Engineering & Test Centre) where Director, Allan Rankin, remains on the advisory board committee.

Target3D strive to be number one for Motion Capture tracking solutions in London and across the UK.  With over 15 years’ expertise in the field, the team are passionate about delivering the most innovative “mocap” technologies and pride themselves in their ability to provide a seamless, stress-free service, with the best tracking solutions around - from concept to delivery.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success…. If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself

- Henry Ford


Allan Rankin


Co-founder and Business Development Director of Target3D.

Allan is a highly experienced business development consultant in the technology sector. He has strong sales focus and consultancy experience and delivers all round.


Ashley Keeler


Co-founder and Technical Director of Target3D.

Ashley has spent the last 15 years involved with VFX, 3D technologies, VR and post-production. He loves crazy creative and technology driven projects.


Robert Jeffries


Commercial Director of Target3D.

Robert brings an in-depth knowledge of 3D scanning and printing alongside a broad understanding of the AEC sector.


Petros De Doncker

Mocap TD & Engineer

Animator and mocap engineer

Our resident mocap ninja, Petros runs our motion capture service work and enjoys(?) fighting with all our technology on a day to day basis.


Sarah Polak

Executive Producer

Sarah’s joined us from the world of VFX, bringing with her an in-depth knowledge of all things animation and post-production. Reach out for advice on shoots, creative partnerships or a friendly chat about your next big project.


Ricardo Sidoli

Sales Manager - 3D Technology

Ric is an energetic and focused sales professional with extensive experience at some of the UK’s biggest media and events, publishing and technology companies.


Stephanie White

Biomechanics Specialist

Our Californian sports mad biomechanics expert.

Stephanie is always working on some crazy project and happy to chat gait cycles at the drop of a button. Also owns a lightsaber.


Sam Lawrence

Technical Animator

Face Wizard!

Bringing his creative flair to all things mocap, Sam is our in-house Technical Artist. From our studio to remote installs, his finesse in delivering projects is never far away.


Lana Bletska

Office Manager

Logistics, admin and team expert.

Lana keeps the office running smoothly and ensures the correct things arrive and leave at the right times!


Lucy Highton

Head of Marketing

Our marketing guru and meditation master.

Lucy guides us through the scary world of marketing and really lights the way.


Liam Bergsma

Unity & UE4 Developer

The master of the axe (and C#)

Liam tears up many a stage with his Flying V whilst simultaneously managing complex VR installations and developments.


Harry Piercy

Mocap Capture Engineer

You're a wizard Harry! Data wrangler and all round mocap engineer.  Harry spilts his time between T3D and Bournemouth University.


Peter Collis

360 Film Maker
 He's gone full circle.

Peter is a Cinematographer, Director & Editor and also the legend of all things 360 filming for Target3D.


Ryan Mercier

Mocap Workshop Course Leader

A professional actor director working in both theatre and film,


Ryan is a course leader of acting for film at The Met Film School leads T3D's Mocap Performance Workshops


Gordon Flemons

Accounts & Book keeper

Keeping us in line and ensuring we do things right.

Gordon is our Book keeper extraordinaire and go to resource for all things accounting.


Stephen Gaukrodger

Senior Developer

A head full of numbers and jokes no one else comprehends.

Steve is our senior developer and go-to programming expert. Capable of thinking round corners & delivering on time and to scope.



Dream Job

Click here for more information…

Having grown from 1 to 16 full time employees (and multiple regular contractors) the company is now in its permanent home in Hoxton, in the heart of London’s creative East. Unique to Target3D is its 2000 sq. ft demo space, allowing clients to get hands-on with the products and see the tech up and running before they buy. Complete with biomechanics space, edit suite, VR area and a mocap stage it also gives access to first hand expert advice. 

“We believe that the impact of 3D technology will continue to form the world we live in,  but the future is not always linear. We can help businesses cut through the hype and understand what are the potential applications, the easy wins and the future roadmap for 3D technology relevant to their industry.”

Among Target3D’s recent clients are Nike, Cambridge University, Vogue Italia, Apple, Tesco, 21st Century Fox,  SOMNAI, UK Defence Solutions Centre, PROTO Gateshead and Liverpool University.

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